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Land Rover Specialist Service and Repair Centre

Above is a selection of some of the Landrovers that have been in for repair


We can service your vehicle or repair the fault that you might have, we use the latest Autologic computer System forLand Rover, and is updated  with new software downloads every night to keep up to date on todays technology.

You have invested a lot of money in your vehicle choice, and why not look after that investment by servicing or repairing it properly with the correct equipment we have in house. 

Be it any modules, or an Ecu, will most certainly need coded or configured to that vehicle, we have the tools to do that job, you don’t want this part not configured to your vehicle, it wont work properly.

Having your Land Rover serviced by ourself wont damage your warranty, the law has all changed. You have the choice to go where you want and we will only be to happy to look after this for you.

Money is an important issue with all repairs being done, and we can certainly repair at a lot less cost than the dealer, with the same warranty on new parts being fitted.

Aftermarket computers cant do the job that the proper Land Rover computer can do, so don’t be miss-led . 

For a small cost if the computer system is required to fault find, we will look at your vehicle, diagnose the fault, then price the job and call you with the cost involved to repair, with a breakdown of parts, labour and vat.